Look! our eyes are wide open - we can see!!!
Boy is it a big world to explore! Look out world - here we come!
 Look at me! I'm walking!!!
Boys Day Out
What is this green stuff under our paws??
"Granite", "Quartz" & "Slate"
A Safe Haven - "Slate" Singing And "Granite" listening!
"Slate" In the Grass - I'm So Handsome!
Puppies First Solid Meal!
This stuff is pretty good!
Boy that was good! - Now I need a bath!!!
The clean up crew!
Mom to the rescue! We're covered with cereal!
Daila & her puppies - A Wonderful Mother!!!
Sunshine at last!!! We can finally get outside!!!
"Topaz" & "Opal" in the grass. A totally new adventure! 
"Emerald" on Top! Off says "Pearl" - I want to play in the grass!
A portrait of "Pearl" - What a beautiful Girl!!!
"Amber" & "Saphire" playing in the grass.. What a wonderful life!!!
The rain is gone for now... "Granite" "Quartz" & Slate"
 In the sunshine at last!!!
The puppies are six weeks old - OH MY !!!
  The Gang is all here - out in the pen!
 Playing is hard work - time for a nap!
Sweet Dreams Opal - a well deserved nap!
Sleeping in the shade - a wonderful place for a nap!
 Daila at play with her puppies -
What a wonderful mother!!!
Hi mom - It's nice to be with you again!
Daila & Slate - A family portrait.
Daila & Topaz - Motherly love!
A kiss from mom - what could be better!!!



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